March 2023 Reports

Atalaya New 30th March 2023

Last Thursday we played Atalaya New Course and was kindly sponsored by Pat O’connor.

After a slight delay in teeing off once we were under way there was some great golf played amongst our winners on a course in great condition.

Results from Atalaya New

1st, Jonathon Furlong, 39pts, playing off 18.9 , now 17.0

2nd, Ian McCarthy, 38pts, playing off 10.3, now 9.8

3rd, Vincent Robinson, 35pts, back 9 of 23pts, playing off 20.1, now 19.7

Nearest the pin in One, hole 9, Ian McCarthy

Nearest the pin in Two, hole 15, Bob Sawyer

This Thursday we are at Parador for our first major of the year the US Masters which not only is there a trophy on offer but also get your name on the prestigious winners boards at the Red dragon

Cabopino Golf 23rd March 2023

Thursday we played at the very tough Cabopino course on a stunning spring day with temperatures hitting the mid 20’s and we were kindly sponsored by Robert Bungay.

As usual it was in great condition with very slick greens and yet again proved a very tough test for everyone which was reflected in the scores.

Our winner ended up being the only 1 to score 30 points but we were still able to cut his handicap which he will be most pleased about

Results from Cabopino

1st, Don Crowley, 30pts, playing off 17.5, now 16.9

2nd, Walter Harrison, 27pts, back 9 of 18pts, playing off 10.0, now 9.7

3rd, Ray Critcher, 27pts, back 9 of 14pts, playing off 11.3, now 11.0

Nearest the pin in One, hole 15, Russell O’Connell

Nearest the pin in Two, hole 4, Norman Tillbrook

Guest prize was won by Des O’Neil with 19pts, playing off 24

Next week we are at Atalaya and we are fully booked up as well as the following week at Parador for our version of the US Masters.

Santana Golf 16th March 2023

Last Thursday we played our annual past members day where we remember all our good friends who have sadly passed on.

We played this at our home course Santana and was sponsored by the society, we played for the Michael Gillingham (Chopper) shield who from what I hear was a larger than life popular character of the society many years ago.

Afterwards we had some excellent tapas and drinks supplied by the society and held the presentation up there too on the sun kissed terrace.

As usual with Santana there were some excellent scores with the winner getting a well deserved and long overdue handicap cut .

Results from Santana

1st, Dennis Regan, 39pts, playing off 26.1, now 24.2

2nd, Jane Leigh, 37pts, playing off 26.0, now 25.5

3rd, Tony Sidebottom, 36pts, playing off 18.9, now 18.5

Nearest the pin in One, hole 2, Sean Fenton

Nearest the pin in Two, hole 14, Jonathon Furlong

Nearest the pin in Three, hole 10, Phil Dodd

Next week we are playing at Cabopino with the first tee time at 10.00, we are currently full up for this

Santa Clara 9th March 2023

Last Thursday after a few months we returned to play Santa Clara golf course.

As usual the course was I excellent condition even tho the greens had been tined and despite a few bobbles here and there they were still ok if not a bit slow.

With the nearest the pin holes chosen and the pins given to the first group out what could possibly go wrong 1, well the fact the nearest in one ended up being straight into a strong breeze, of the 28 players nobody managed to get on, but we could always rely on the nearest in Two being won but it may of done had they remembered to put the pins out .

These prizes therefore were raffled off back at the Red Dragon after.

Unfortunately there was only 1 prize winner back at the bar this week but alas it was the winner who had a great round.

Results from Santa Clara

1st, Neil Tomlinson, 36pts, playing off 18.6, now 17.9

2nd, Sean Fenton, 34pts, playing off 12.1, now 11.7

3rd, Viggo Gjelseth, 33pts, playing off 20.7, now 20.3

Next Thursday we are playing Santana and is our passed members day and is sponsored by the Society, there will be a drink and some tapas afterwards up at Santana provided by the society for everyone and the presentation will be held there too when everyone has finished.

Marbella GCC 2nd March 2023

Yesterday we played at Marbella Golf Club and was kindly sponsored by Jay Cochrane.

With a full house of 28 players enjoying the March sunshine, we set off ready to get the better of the course but apart from the top 3 and the guest winner the course definitely got the better of everyone else and tales of woe were told back at the Red Dragon afterwards .

The overall winner and going forward to the champion of champions final later in the year was a very popular winner and even surprised herself with the score and handicap cut .

Results from Marbella

1st, Felicity Broomby, 38pts, playing off 36.0, now off 34.2

2nd, Dennis Regan, 33pts, back 9 of 14pts, playing off 26.5, now 26.0

3rd, Kate Cameron, 33pts, back 9 of 13pts, playing off 19.2, now 18.8

Nearest the pin in One, hole 3, Tony Sidebottom

Nearest the pin in Two, hole 18, Catherine Shiels.

Guest prize was won by Catherine Shiels with 37pts, playing off 18hcp.

Next week we are playing at Santa Clara with the first tee time at 10.00