April 2024 Reports

Parador Golf 25th April 2024

Parador was the venue for our latest game and we were kindly sponsored by James Clark.
The fairways and greens were as good as ever and as usual for this course the breeze got up as the round went on making the back 9 especially tricky, with this we all thought this might keep the winning score low but our winner came in with a superb score.
Results from Parador
1st, Steve Moore, 38pts, playing off 18.1, now 17.1.
2nd, Mark Humphrey, 35pts, playing off 17.5, now 17.1.
3rd, Gary Sparrow, 32pts, back 9 of 15pts, playing off 8.9, now 8.7.
Nearest the pin in Two on Hole 2, Steve Moore.
Nearest the pin in One on Hole 6, Ronnie Ross.
Nearest the pin in One on Hole 13, Nobody 🫣🫣🫣.
There was one singles knockout match played with Simon Waby beating Andrew Mansell in a tight match on the 18th hole.
Next week we are playing at Miraflores with the first tee time now at 9.40

Cabopino 18th April 2024

Thursday’s game was played at Cabopino and we were kindly sponsored by Andrew Mansell.
As usual the course proved very tough with the greens especially tricky and as usual this was one of our lowest winning scoring courses 🫣🫣🫣.
Our winner kept up there good form this year and managed to keep a blob off their scorecard which is some feat around Cabopino
Our sponsor provided the usual prizes and also he wanted to add a few more prizes too which was very generous of him and also made Bob’s presentation longer than usual 🫣🫣.
The one surprise of the day that with all these extra prizes there was no mention of the Finks at the presentation with many people asking if they had actually played or they had no room a home for more wine 🤣🤣.
Results from Cabopino
1st, Bob Sawyer, 32pts, playing off 9.6, now 9.1.
2nd, Jeremy Griffiths, 31pts, playing off 28.0, now 27.5.
3rd, Ronnie Ross, 30pts, playing off 19.5, now 19.1.
Nearest the pin in Two on Hole 4, Jason Abbasciano.
Nearest the pin in One on Hole 7, James Clark.
Nearest the pin in One on Hole 13, Andrew Mansell.
Nearest the pin in One on Hole 15, Andy Hassall.
Blind pairs winners were ,Bob Sawyer & Jason Abbasciano.
Most pts on the Par 3’s & Par 5’s combined was Andy Hassall.
Next week we are playing at Parador , please note the 1st tee time is now 10.00 not 11.00 as stated before we have 1 space available for this game.

Santana Golf 11th April 2024


Our first major of the year ,the Masters, was played last Thursday at Santana and we were kindly sponsored by Diane Punchard.
Just like the other Masters currently being played we were also delayed by 2 hours, although ours wasn’t a weather delay it was an oversight on what time we were teeing off and instead of 10am we were not off till 12.10 🫣🫣.
Unfortunately this meant due to commitments later on we had 6 players who couldn’t play whilst the rest of us had a couple of hours to kill on the terrace sat in the sun up at Santana , we can only apologise to everyone about this especially to the ones who couldn’t play. We did come to the conclusion, that as there was 1 member of the committee who was not there this week it must of been his fault so sorry John it’s down to you 🤪🤪🤪🤣🤣.
When play did get under way in the glorious warm sunshine, the slight breeze had turned into a very strong wind and made the course difficult to play at times, with this we thought the usual high scores at Santana would be slightly lower but the top 3 scores proved us all wrong.
Our winner kept up there good run of form and also kept the household well stocked up in alcohol which has been a current theme lately as if one member of the household doesn’t win the other one does.
Results from Santana
1st, Pauline Fink, 39pts, playing off 26.2, now 24.3.
2nd, Ian Ashworth, 38pts, playing off 27.6, now 26.6.
3rd, Michel Gouin, 37pts, playing off 18.6, now 18.2
Nearest the pin in One on Hole 2, Pauline Fink.
Nearest the pin in Three on Hole 10, Stephen Bestwick.
Nearest the pin in Two on Hole 14, Simon Waby.
Next week we are playing at Cabopino with the first tee time at 9.30 (ish 🫣), we are currently have one space.
El Higueral 4th April 2024
Thursdays game was played down the coast at El Higueral.
As this is a 9 hole course, the men play off white tees first time round then yellow tees second time round with the ladies playing yellows then reds.
As usual the A7 coast road was its usual morning chaos and with only 30 mins to go before the first tee time there was only a handful of players there, also missing was Mandy to take the green fee money so after a quick phone call expecting to hear either I’m stuck in traffic or I’ve just arrived or I’ll be there in 5 minutes the first words we heard were ” F**K my alarm hasn’t gone off I’m still in bed” 🫣🫣🫣🤣🤣.
Eventually everyone did get there and found the course in excellent condition especially after the previous weeks rain with the greens very quick.
Results from El Higueral
1st, Stephen Bestwick, 35pts, playing off 12.9, now 12.3.
2nd, Martin Fink, 34pts, playing off 15.6, now 15.2.
3rd, Steve Currier, 30pts, back 9 of 19pts, playing off 25.4, now 25.0.
Nearest the pin in One on Hole 10, Stephen Bestwick.
Nearest the pin in One on Hole 12, Russell Tiffany.
Nearest the pin in Two on Hole 16, Mark Humphrey.
Next week we are playing at Santana with the first tee time at 10.00, this is our first major of the year, the US Masters and we are currently fully booked.