October 2023 Reports

Santa Maria 26 October 2023

Last Thursday we played at Santa Maria and we were kindly sponsored by Phil & Jan Dodd.

With the course in good condition there was no excuse for low scores and our top 3 all scored 34pts or above , with our winner after much ridicule, 3 new sets of irons and getting his handicap up every single week finally broke his 2023 duck and managed to record a win and get himself into the champion of champions final in a few weeks time.

Results from Santa María

1st, Andy Hassall, 37pts, playing off 16.4, now 15.6

2nd, Keith Baker, 36pts, playing off 16.5, now 16.1

3rd, Mark Humphrey, 34pts, playing off 18.5, now 18.1

Nearest the pin in Two, hole 5, Andy Hassall

Nearest the pin in One, hole 12, Terry Smith

Nearest the pin in One, hole 15, Phil Dodd

Next week we are playing at Rio Real, this is our Medal Final for those that have qualified and also a separate medal comp which is the first qualifier for the 2024 final, so the gross and net winners on the day of both the final and qualifier will go through to next year’s final.

Santana 19TH October 2023

Last Thursday at Santana we played our last medal qualifier for next months final and were kindly sponsored by friends of the society Larry Blud & Irene Stringer.

For the first time in 6 months we had been watching the weather forecast all week as the much needed rain was forecast and high winds.

Luckily the rain was quickly blown through by the very high winds which kept getting stronger as the round went on before later on after the golf the predicted storm came.

Due to this weather the presentation back at the Red Dragon was brought inside as we didn’t want the expensive bottles of wine we give as prizes blowing off the tables. With our sponsors not able to make it our very own Larry Byrne kindly stepped in to hand the prizes out whilst Bob Sawyer held court keeping nearly everyone in order reading the names of the winners out.

Back to the golf and the gross scores were very high with 3 players tied on the same score so a countback decided the winner. In the net category there was clear winner by a couple of shots.

Results from Santana

Gross Winner
Gary Sparrow, gross 89, back 9 of 41 shots, playing off 7.9, now 7.4

Net Winner
Pat O’connor, Net 71, playing off 18.4, now 17.6

Nearest the pin in One, hole 2, Norman Tillbrook

Nearest the pin in Two, hole 6, Andy Hassall

Nearest the pin in Three, hole 10, Gary Sparrow

Nearest the pin in One, hole 16, Norman Tillbrook

Finals day for the Medal competition is just around the corner on the 2nd November at Rio Real, this will also be medal for everyone else playing as this will be the first qualifier for next year’s final.

A small but motley bunch of players have qualified for this year’s final and they are:

Simon Waby
Don Crowley
Gary Sparrow
Jonathan Furlong
Ian McCarthy
Luis Bernal
Neil Tomlinson
Andrew Kirkwood
Pat O’connor

Anoreta 12TH October 2023

Our latest game was played the other side of Malaga at Anoreta and we were kindly sponsored by Phil & Pam Savage.

This is one of the tightest and toughest courses we play and this time was no exception, with only 2 players managing to break 30pts.

Results from Anoreta

1st, Trevor Oates, 34pts, playing off 22.7, now 22.0

2nd, Jonathan Furlong, 31pts, playing off 17.2, now 16.8

3rd, Martin Fink, 29pts, playing off 18.0, now 17.7

Nearest the pin in One, hole 2, Nick Hardy

Nearest the pin in One, hole 9, Phil Savage

Nearest the pin in Two, hole 18, Turlough Johnston

Next week we are playing at Santana and will be playing medal, this is the last qualifier for the final which is played at Rio Real on the 2nd November.

Atalaya GC 5TH October 2023

Our latest game was played down at Atalaya where we played the New Course and were kindly sponsored by Dave Lax who unfortunately couldn’t play but still sponsored the day.

With numbers up again we had 27 players with some new faces and returning members which is always great to see.

The course was quite wet in places (still no rain tho) with the greens proving a very difficult challenge for everyone due them being very slow which most couldn’t get use to apart from our winner who according to him thought they were fine.

Results from Atalaya New

1st, Keith Baker, 39pts, playing off 17.5, now 16.3

2nd, Norman Tillbrook, 35pts, playing off 16.8, now 16.4

3rd, Jonathan Furlong, 33pts, back 9 of 20pts, playing off 17.5 now 17.2

Nearest the pin in One, hole 9, Ian Ashworth

Nearest the pin in Two, hole 15, Andy Hassall

Nearest the pin in One, hole 17, Kay England

Next week we are playing at Anoreta with the first tee time at 10.32.

With numbers now going back up and if you are not playing regularly we will need notice in plenty of time by email when you wish to play, however we still cannot guarantee there will be a space every week as we are limited on numbers most weeks now, very often now have to give 7 to 10 days notice to the courses of our numbers now.