March 2024 

Santa Maria 21st March 2024


This weeks game was played at Santa Maria and we were kindly sponsored by Michel Gouin.
A good turn out of 35 players made for a good day with the course proving tricky especially on the slow greens.
When the scores had been checked it was close at the top with only 1 point separating the top 3.
Results from Santa María.
1st, Tony Sidebottom, 36pts, playing off 19.0, now 18.3.
2nd, Mark Humphrey, 35pts, back 9 of 19pts, playing off 17.6, now 17.2.
3rd, Martin Fink, 35pts, back 9 of 16pts, playing off 15.9, now 15.6.
Nearest the pin in Two on Hole 5, Michel Gouin.
Nearest the pin in One on Hole 12, Mike Milner.
Nearest the pin in One on Hole 15, Norman Tillbrook.
Next week we are playing at Parador and this will be a Texas Scramble

Santana Golf 14th March 2024

Our latest game was played at Santana and was our Passed Members Day and was sponsored by the Torreblanca Society.
On a gloriously warm sunny day and a full house of 32 players this was a fitting venue as always to remember our passed members and at the presentation up at Santana afterwards Bob read out some names of recent passed members and a glass was raised to them all.
The course as ever was in superb condition and the scores reflected this with some great scores coming in and looking like it was going to goto a countback, but alas we had forgotten that the one of the Finks was still on the course and nothing is won until both of them have handed there cards in and we were all proved right again.
Results from Santana
1st, Pauline Fink, 41pts, playing off 29.3, now hacked to 26.0.
2nd, Steve Thomas, 35pts, back 9 of 18pts, playing off 27.6, now 27.1.
3rd, Martina O’Brien, 35pts, back 9 of 17pts, playing off 34.6, now 33.8.
Nearest the pin in Two on Hole 6, Norman Tillbrook.
Nearest the pin in Three on hole 10, Bob Sawyer.
Nearest the pin in One on Hole 16, Michel Gouin.
There was 1 singles knockout game played with Martin Fink defeating Gary Sparrow 2&1.
Next week we are playing at Santa Maria with the first tee time at 10.48, we are currently have a full house of 36 players for this game .

Miraflores March 2024

Thursdays game was played at Miraflores and was kindly sponsored by the one and only Dennis Pollock.
With heavy rain forecast for the early afternoon it was a good job we were off fairly early as when it came down it was torrential, unfortunately some of the later groups got caught in it and resembled drowned rats at the end.
The course wasn’t in the best condition with the first being a temporary hole in the middle of the fairway but alas it turned out to be a high scoring for quite a few players with some high Stapleford scores coming in and the inevitable handicap cuts, our winner getting deservedly cut 2 shots which got the biggest cheer back at the Red dragon where instead of having the presentation on the sun terrace we all had to cram inside.
Results from Miraflores
1st, Martin Fink, 42pts, playing off 17.6 now 15.8.
2nd, Andy Hassall, 38pts, back 9 of 19pts, playing off 17.2, now 16.4.
3rd, Mark Humphrey, 38pts, back 9 of 18pts, playing off 18.2, now 17.5.
Nearest the pin in One, hole 4, Stewart Gurney.
Nearest the pin in Two, hole 10, Martin Fink.
Nearest the pin in One, hole 15, Gary Sparrow.
There were 2 pairs knockout games played.
Ray Critcher & Ian Ashworth beat Andy Hassall & Larry Byrne 2&1.
Martin Fink & Pauline Fink beat John Yuill & Dennis Regan 5&3.
Next week we are Playing at Santana and Is our Past Members Day playing for the Micky Gillingham Shield, afterwards we will be staying at Santana for tapas and a drink, along with the presentation.
We currently have 2 places available