August 2023 Reports

Atalaya GC 31st August  2023

Thursday we played at Atalaya playing the new course, this was a medal game and a qualifier for the final in November , we were kindly sponsored by Paul Winter.

With all of us there well before our tee times and eager to get the round underway, there was just 1 person missing, the one that takes the money , and after a quick phone call Mandy answered quite casually asking what’s wrong, when she was informed that we only had 30 mins to the first tee time and getting told it was 10.30 the realisation suddenly dawned on her that she thought it was only 9.30 , I couldn’t possibly repeat on here what Mandy said but most of you can probably guess.

Results from Atalaya New

Gross Winner
1st, Gary Sparrow, gross 79, playing off 7.9, now 7.4

Net Winner
Andrew Kirkwood, Net 67, playing off 28.0, now 25.7

Nearest the pin in One, hole 9, Gary Sparrow

Nearest the pin in Two, hole 15, Ray Critcher

Nearest the pin in One, hole 17, Paul Winter

Hidden pairs winners, lowest Net scores combined were Keith Baker & Marion English with a total of 140

Next week we are playing Santa María with a later first tee time of 11.36, this is our last game before our Ryder Cup so afterwards back at the Red Dragon after the usual presentation the pairings and tee times etc for the first day at Guadlahorce will be announced by the 2 captains Dennis and Ray, they will be published on here too soon after

Santana GC 24the August 2023

Thursday we were back at our home course Santana and were kindly sponsored by Colin Bryan.

On a sweltering hot day with Spain apparently in heatwave number 4 of the summer despite this numbers were once again up and we had 27 keen and raring to go golfers .

When the scores had been checked there was only 2 points between the top 3. Unfortunately a lot of our prize winners couldn’t make it back to the Dragon to pick up there prizes hence a lack of pics.

Results from Santana

1st, Miguel Solar 36pts, playing off 17.8, now 17.2

2nd, Colin Bryan, 35pts, playing off 21.9, now 21.4

3rd, Don Crowley, 34pts, playing off 17.8, now 17.5

Nearest the pin in One, hole 2, Gary Sparrow

Nearest the pin in Two, hole 14, Ewan McCleod

Nearest the pin in Three, hole 10, Des Connolly

Next week we are playing the New Course at Atalaya and this will be a medal qualifier for the finals day in November, with the best gross winner and best net winner going through. The day will be sponsored by Paul Winter.

Los Flamingos 17the August 2023

Our latest game last Thursday was another trip down the coast to the magnificent Villa Padierna golf resort playing the Los Flamingos course and we were kindly sponsored by Les Johnson.

After last weeks incidents with golf balls and back windows we were happy to report this week passed without incident but there was 1 strange incident where those that have ever played with Andy Hassall know that he never puts a flag back in the hole on the green but in a rush of blood to the head he did just that and luckily we had photo evidence, alas it didn’t happen again during the round and we are not expecting it to happen again any time soon.

Results from Los Flamingos

1st, Gary Sparrow, 36pts, playing off 8.3, now 7.8

2nd, Ian Ashworth, 34pts, playing off 26.2, now 25.7

3rd, Don Crowley, 33pts, playing off 18.1, now 17.8

Nearest the pin in One, hole 4, Gary Sparrow

Nearest the pin in Two, hole 14, Jonathan Furlong

Nearest the pin in One, hole 16, Don Crowley

Next week we are playing at Santana with the first tee time at 10.00

​Mijas Las Largos 10th August 2023

Last Thursday we played at Mijas Los Lagos and was kindly sponsored by Mike Milner.

On a very hot and humid day the scoring was quite low with only 1 player managing over 30pts.

It was great to see some returning members which meant our numbers were boosted after a few weeks of low numbers of players.

After Larry’s mishap with the back window of a van getting in the way of his tee shot he was the main topic of conversation back at the Red dragon after with the usual s**t jokes coming out about him having a smashing day etc .

Results from Mijas Los Lagos

1st, Greg O’Brien, 31pts, playing off 12.0, now 11.4

2nd, Gary Sparrow, 29pts, playing off 8.6, now 8.3

3rd, Dave Robertson, 28pts, playing off 12.6, now 12.3

Nearest the pin in One, hole 11, Russell Tiffany

Nearest the pin in Two, hole 3, nobody

Nearest the pin in One, hole 16, Jay Cochrane

Next week we are playing at Los Flamingos with the first tee time at 10.30

El Higueral 3rd August 2023

Welcome to the weekly Larry Byrne presentation show .

Thursday we played at El Higueral which for a lot of us have not played before. This is a 9 hole course near Atalaya golf course and was a great addition to this year’s fixtures. We were sponsored by Gary Sparrow.

The course was in great condition and as we were going round it twice we decided to play off the white tees first 9 holes and the yellow tees 2nd time round, ladies played off yellows then reds.

As you can gather from the opening line of the write up , it was Larry’s day yet again, we even had some extra prizes in for a pairs comp and he managed to win that also with his sidekick Andy Hassall, it was certainly another Thursday adventure for Larry and Andy after last week getting lost on the way to Los Arqueros but at least they made it this week, although coming home took a bit longer as they broke down on the motorway , rumour has it that this was because they were too tight to put petrol in but this can’t be confirmed.

There was also a mystery 5 hole comp which was a random 5 holes were drawn and the best stableford score won that which was a round of golf back at El Higueral which had been kindly donated by the course. This was the only thing Larry never managed to win as John Yuill pipped him to that.

Results from El Higueral

1st, Larry Byrne, 35pts, playing off 17.0, now 16.4

2nd, Russell O’Connell, 34pts, playing off 15.7, now 15.3

3rd, Jay Cochrane, 30pts, playing off 18.9, now 18.5

Nearest the pin in One, hole 10, Walter Harrison

Nearest the pin in Two, hole 16, Paul Watts

Best front 9 stableford score, Larry Byrne, 17pts

Best back 9 stableford score, Russell O’Connell, 21pts

Best mystery 5 holes stableford score, John Yuill, 11pts

Best pairs score, Andy Hassall & Larry Byrne, 58pts.