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This is the new version of Torreblanca Golf Society web site, with a brand new year upon us we are all looking forward to a new battle on all fronts.

Who will be our 2024 Order Of Merit winner, will Gary come good again or will Larry  get to him this year?

The draw for the Knockouts has been made.

Singles draw 1st round, drawn by Andy Hassall & Dennis Regan.
Gary Sparrow v Martin Fink
Andrew Mansell v Simon Waby
Bob Sawyer v Dennis Regan
Ray Critcher v Ian McCarthy
Larry Byrne v Ian Ashworth
Pat O’connor v Jonathan Furlong
Jay Cochrane v Andy Hassall
Pauline Fink v Don Crowley
Pairs draw 1st round, drawn by Andy Hassall & Bob Sawyer

Martin Fink & Pauline Fink
John Yuill & Dennis Regan

Ray Critcher & Ian Ashworth
Andy Hassall & Larry Byrne

Bob Sawyer & Simon Waby
Gary Sparrow & Jonathan Furlong

Don Crowley & Jay Cochrane
Pat O’Connor & Andrew Mansell