April 2023 Reports

Santana GC 27th April 2023

Last Thursday we were back at our home course of Santana and were kindly sponsored by Tony Newman who stepped in at the last minute when our sponsor couldn’t make it.

On a glorious day with temps approaching the 30s, the course was in superb condition , the greenkeepers set up the course to test us with some of the pin positions in never seen before places.

Results from Santana

1st, Jonathon Furlong, 36pts, playing off 17.3, now 16.7

2nd, Gary Sparrow, 34pts, on countback, playing off 10.1, now 9.8

3rd, Paul Winter, 34pts, playing off 25.4, now 25.0

Nearest the pin in One, hole 16, Ian McCarthy

Nearest the pin in Two, hole 6, Ian McCarthy

Guest prize was won by Darren Winter with 35pts, playing off 8

Next week we are playing our 2nd medal of the year at Parador, with the first tee time at 10.40

Marbella GCC 20th April 2023

Last Thursday we played at Marbella golf and Country club and were kindly sponsored by Catherine Shiels.

After a longer than usual journey there after bad traffic 24 of us eventually made it there and when we started playing we knew it was going to be a tough test to us all, this was apart from 1 player who using his local knowledge as a member there came in with a great score and sat on the terrace after knew the inevitable handicap chop was coming .

Results from Marbella

1st, Paul Winter 39pts , playing off 27.3, now 25.4

2nd, Larry Byrne, 32pts,back 9 of 16pts, playing off 19.0, now 18.5

3rd, Don Crowley, 32pts, back 9 of 15pts, playing off 17.2, now 16.9

Nearest the pin in One hole3, Paul Winter

Nearest the pin in Two hole 18, Ian McCarthy. Ian made an Eagle 2 on this hole

Guest prize was won by John Shiels with 30pts

Miraflores 13th April 2023

Our latest game was played at Miraflores golf, the course was in excellent condition with the greens especially good.

We were kindly sponsored by Dennis Pollock.

When everyone had turned up and was patiently waiting to pay there green fees all that was missing was Mandy to take the money but after a quick phone call and a detour she eventually turned up at the right course .

The day was won with a great score around there and I know he and his regular playing partner are very pleased about his handicap cut.

Unfortunately most of our prize winners were unable to come back to the bar after hence the lack of pics this week.

Results from Miraflores

1st, Jay Cochrane, 37pts, playing off 19.7, now 18.6

2nd, Ian McCarthy, 36pts, back 9 of 22pts, playing off 9.3, now 9.0

3rd, Howard Ablett, 36pts, back 9 of 17pts, playing off 23.3, now 22.9

Nearest the pin in One, hole 15, Pat O’connor

Nearest the pin in Two, hole 5, Jay Cochrane

Guest prize was won by Peter Moyes with 27pts

Next week we are at Marbella golf club with the first tee time at 11.10

Parador 6th April 2023

Thursday we played our first major of the year the Masters at Parador and were kindly sponsored by Tony Anderson.

When we arrived there were banners set up on the first tee for the Senior Golf Tour of Europe so alot of our members knew they were at the right place , the course was set up for this competition so it was a very challenging day with the tees pushed right back, however it was in excellent condition with the greens some of the best we have played on there.

Our winner kept up his good form from last week and won his first major comp, it was great that our winner came back to the Dragon for the presentation even tho they didn’t know they had won.

Results from Parador

1st, Ian McCarthy, 35pts, playing off 9.8, now 9.3

2nd, Terry Smith, 32pts, playing off 14.7, now 14.3

3rd, Larry Byrne, 31pts on countback with 19pts on the back 9, playing off 19.3, now 18.9

Nearest the pin in One, hole 13, Simon Waby

Nearest the pin in Two, hole 3, Terry Smith

The guest prize was won by Ewan McLeod with 28pts, playing off 14hcp

Next week we are Miraflores with the first tee time at 9.48